Real Brides: A classic wedding hair and make up look for Eleanor at The Barnyard

Real Brides: A classic wedding hair and make up look for Eleanor at The Barnyard

Real Brides: A classic wedding hair and make up look for Eleanor at The Barnyard

There’s something pretty magical about a twilight wedding. The whole day is spent in anticipation for the coming evening events and as the lights start to dim, the excitement mounts!

Eleanor and Joe were married in an evening ceremony at The Barnyard, Kent. I met Eleanor in the afternoon to begin our bridal preparations at The Green Farm House. This particular venue is starting to become a popular choice for brides marrying at the local venues and its easy to see why.

Not only is The Green farm house a beautiful setting with low ceilings and wooden beams, it’s also available for private hire. There’s plenty of rooms, meaning you can accommodate your entire bridal party and beyond and the place is full of character and photo opportunity. There’s a driveway for your wedding car to collect you right from the front door and theres also a garden, ideal for those first shots of you in your dress.

Beyond all that, the customer service at this lovely venue is faultless. The attention to detail for brides is beyond reassuring and the warm welcome received from the team makes you feel instantly comfortable in the new surroundings. As a supplier, it’s very easy to be overlooked but the staff here go above and beyond to ensure that everyone knows and feels like they are welcome.

Eleanor wasn’t a heavy make up wearer in her daily life so I decided to focus my attention to ensure that her lovely skin had that perfect bridal glow. I used airbrush make up to ensure a light but even coverage and kept to a neutral and soft colour palette.
For hair we went for an on trend undone undo, gathering her hair at he nape and allowing a few face framing curls to fall. The low bun we created was textured without being too rigid, adding to the romantic style, without making Eleanor feel overdone or ‘different’. A lot of brides tell me that although they want to look and feel amazing, they still want to look like themselves … just a really good version!

It’s important that the bridal look you choose enhances your features, not masks them. That’s why it’s important to me that at the consultation point of your booking we really have a good chance to discuss not only what you like, but also what you don’t like. It’s just as important for me to know what to avoid or alter for you, as it is for me to know what we’re working towards.

If you’d like to have a chat in more detail about the vision you have for your wedding hair and make up then don’t hesitate to get in touch – I look forward to hearing from you !

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Jenny at The Old Kent Barn, Kent

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Jenny at The Old Kent Barn, Kent

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Jenny at The Old Kent Barn, Kent

Bride: Jenny
Venue: The Old Kent Barn, Kent
Photographer: David Fenwick

As a preferred supplier at The Old Kent Barn, I’m lucky enough to visit regularly in order to get brides ready for their big day. The dressing room is a large private area that the bridal party have to themselves for the duration of the morning and it’s the perfect space to spend your last few hours as a ‘Miss’ . When I met Jenny I just knew that her wedding morning was going to be great fun. She was bubbly, friendly and just so excited! It was a real pleasure to be part of such a memorable morning with her bridal crew and definitely one of those days that certainly doesn’t feel anything like work!

As you can see from the pictures, Jenny wasn’t one to take herself too seriously….! I love that her laughing and genuine delight is totally visible within her images and whenever I look at these photos I can still hear Jenny’s infectious giggle!

Jenny’s make up was bridal glam. We added lashes for a more dramatic eye effect and gave her full coverage, flawless skin using airbrush make up. The pink tones we added to her cheeks and lip gave a fresh looking, typically ‘bridal’ glow and liquid highlighter made sure that her skin subtly highlighted yet illuminated.

Jenny went for a high bun, twisted up do. I created this look using a series of ponytails to secure the style and curling the hair in various directions. I then placed the curls across the crown section and added a tiara to finish. When choosing an up do for your wedding hair, the correct balance is a really important aspect. You want the style to be the right shape so that the style remains flattering no matter what angle you are photographed from. I kept the hair full of volume to ensure that the style didn’t appear harsh or tight, using a wax spray to add shine and secure the folds as I went along.
For Jenny this style perfectly suited her face shape and frame, and her long side parted fringe sweeping around her face gave us an extra bit of softness to the finished look too.

Thank you to David Fenwick for these lovely images of such a happy bride and a big thank you to Jenny for choosing me as a part of her wedding morning

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Lynn at Leeds Castle Kent

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Lynn at Leeds Castle Kent

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Lynn at Leeds Castle, Kent

Bride: Lynn
Venue: Leeds Castle
Photographer: Olly Knight Photography

Leeds Castle is known as ‘the loveliest castle in the world’. It is the most beautiful backdrop for your wedding and the perfect setting for your dream day. The Castle itself is grand and majestic and rich in history , having once been home to Queen Catherine of Aragon. Nowadays the Castle is now a popular tourist attraction and a much sought after wedding venue, so its easy to see why Lynn chose to hold her day here.

Lynn opted for a classic bridal look. She wanted a natural make up look and a relaxed half up half down hair style.

Her long dark hair was curled to give the effect of loose waves. I used a salt spray to prep the hair before curling and added backcombing to the crown area to give slight volume to the top of her hair. When curling it’s important to ensure that your brides curls will last the duration of her day so the right prep is essential so that she’s not left with hair looking flat come the evening.
I swept Lynn’s hair away from her face and across her ears, leaving a side part. This allowed the hair to be structured but relaxed, providing a base for the veil which we then added into the back of the hair. The fringe sections were left free and fixed with a light hold hairspray to allow movement around the front to frame her face.

Lynn’s make up was light and fresh in tone. I used airbrush make up to spray a light base for that perfect finish. Airbrush make up is a HD technique, meaning that make up applies and sits perfectly, especially important when a bride is going to be captured on film.
I used a soft peach blush, MAC Melba, to enhance Lynn’s warm skin tone and brighten her cheeks. I highlighted with a golden tone, and one of my favourite products from Illamsqua OMG. We finished with a soft and natural pink lip and black waterproof mascara.

Thank you for having me on your big day Lynn, and thank you to Olly Knight for these beautiful photos.

A September Wedding at The Oak Grove, Kent // Gemma and Matt

A September Wedding at The Oak Grove, Kent // Gemma and Matt

A September Wedding at The Oak Grove, Kent // Gemma and Matt

On a beautiful day last September, I headed over to a lovely little place called the Green Farm House to get the beautiful Gemma ready for her big day. I caught up with Gemma and asked her if she wouldn’t mind sharing a few memories of the day with me…and a few photos of course! Taken by the wonderfully talented photographer that is Simon Hawkins ( who also happens to be my husband! ) … Enjoy!

Full name: Gemma Kent 
Wedding Date:28/9/19
Venue: The Oak Grove 
Photographer: Simon Hawkins

My wedding style was….

Woodland vintage boho

My wedding hair was….. 

Amazing Mermaid updo

My wedding make up was…. 

Natural, pinks – perfect 

The thing I love most about my wedding day was…. 

Marrying the love of my life and sharing our hard work and marriage with those closest to us! 

My venue was perfect because….. 

it suited our personalities and we fell in love the moment we first visited it was the most magical venue even at night in darkness.

My favourite photo was…. 

Our 1st dance as our little one got involved too! That was special magical moment as all of our guests got involved and held up their phone torches and it created a perfect picture. ( and of course our chaos flair pictures! Great fun!) 

I chose Katie for my wedding hair and make up because ….. 

She made me feel confident in my choices and I had no worries and new my hair and makeup would be perfect on the day! And it was!

If I could give other brides one piece of advice it would be….

Stay calm and take a step back on the day breath and take it all it, watch everyone for a few minutes enjoying the day that you created as it goes so fast. I did this a few times it was great to stop and take it all in have a moment. Do this with just you and your husband and look around together instead of being busy all day talking away and before you know it the day has gone 🙂 

Thank you so much Gemma! If you’re one of my past brides and would be happy to feature on my blog with the details of your day then please do get in touch!