Looking for inspiration?

Looking for inspiration?

Finding Bridal Hair and Makeup Inspiration

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to your wedding hair and makeup then head over to my galleries page where you can see a collection of ‘real brides’ and see exactly how they chose to style their hair and makeup looks.

Looking for inspiration

Instagram Delights: Hair and Makeup Variety

You can also find a variety of hair and make up styles over on my instagram page www.instagram.com/prettypleasebykatie

Personalizing Your Bridal Look: Tips and Suggestions

Remember there’s no right or wrong when it comes to Bridal. Everyone is different, and every single style is unique and personalised to you.  I suggest that my brides have around 3-6 images of things they like, and also that they try to figure out just what it is about it they like in particular. Maybe your keen on having your hair down, or you want a really soft make up look because you don’t usually wear any. Inspiration images can really help me understand exactly what your wedding day vision is and how we can best create that for you.

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Exploring Wedding Hair and Makeup Inspiration Sources

Here’s just a few of my other favourite places you might like to try when it comes to searching for wedding hair and makeup inspiration….








Happy searching!

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Natasha at Marleybrook House

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Natasha at Marleybrook House

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Natasha at Marleybrook House

You may recognise this bride from last months supplier spotlight feature. Natsah got married at the beautiful Marleybrook House last year and I just couldn’t resist sharing a few more of her pictures from the talented Emma Midgen Photography.

It’s clear to see just how much fun everyone had at this wedding and with a venue like Marleybrook there’s something for everyone! From vintage décor to fairground fun this venue has it all. Nestled in the beautiful Kent Countryside, Marleybrook is a hidden gem for those couples looking for a relaxed but truly impressive wedding day.

I got Natasha and her bridesmaids ready on site in the designated bridal studio. Fitted with long mirrors and a comfy seated area there’s plenty of room for the entire bridal party to sit together and chat whilst I make a start on the wedding hair and make up magic!

Natasha wore her long light brown hair up and off her neck. We wanted to go for something bridal but relaxed and by twisting each individual section I was able to create a flowing style that sat at the nape of her neck. We left some pieces free flowing around her face for an undone softness and added a cathedral length veil for a show stopping silhouette.

When it comes to make up a lot of brides tell me they want to look “like themselves …but on a really good day!’ I firmly believe that make up should be used to enhance your features not mask them and it’s important to me that when providing a wedding hair and make up service I stay true to the brides desired look. For Natasha she wanted something timeless and classic and we achieved this by enhancing her eyes and giving her a warming glow. I used airbase make up for the base, an option I offer to all of my brides as I know it photographs well and provides brides with the assurance that it really will last then the duration of the wedding day. 

When it comes to bridal lipstick it’s important to choose a shade that you not only feel comfortable wearing , but that looks how you want it to in the photographs. Natasha opted for a nude lipstick, applied generously, and with a tone that matched her natural lip colour. When choosing a nude lipstick for your wedding day it’s important that you choose something that doesn’t make your lips look smaller by blending them too closely to the colour of your skin.  If you want a few more tips when it comes to choosing your bridal lipstick then have a read of my previous wedding lipstick blog.

I’ve added a few more images of Natshas big day for you to enjoy below!

Real Brides: A classic wedding hair and make up look for Eleanor at The Barnyard

Real Brides: A classic wedding hair and make up look for Eleanor at The Barnyard

Real Brides: A classic wedding hair and make up look for Eleanor at The Barnyard

There’s something pretty magical about a twilight wedding. The whole day is spent in anticipation for the coming evening events and as the lights start to dim, the excitement mounts!

Eleanor and Joe were married in an evening ceremony at The Barnyard, Kent. I met Eleanor in the afternoon to begin our bridal preparations at The Green Farm House. This particular venue is starting to become a popular choice for brides marrying at the local venues and its easy to see why.

Not only is The Green farm house a beautiful setting with low ceilings and wooden beams, it’s also available for private hire. There’s plenty of rooms, meaning you can accommodate your entire bridal party and beyond and the place is full of character and photo opportunity. There’s a driveway for your wedding car to collect you right from the front door and theres also a garden, ideal for those first shots of you in your dress.

Beyond all that, the customer service at this lovely venue is faultless. The attention to detail for brides is beyond reassuring and the warm welcome received from the team makes you feel instantly comfortable in the new surroundings. As a supplier, it’s very easy to be overlooked but the staff here go above and beyond to ensure that everyone knows and feels like they are welcome.

Eleanor wasn’t a heavy make up wearer in her daily life so I decided to focus my attention to ensure that her lovely skin had that perfect bridal glow. I used airbrush make up to ensure a light but even coverage and kept to a neutral and soft colour palette.
For hair we went for an on trend undone undo, gathering her hair at he nape and allowing a few face framing curls to fall. The low bun we created was textured without being too rigid, adding to the romantic style, without making Eleanor feel overdone or ‘different’. A lot of brides tell me that although they want to look and feel amazing, they still want to look like themselves … just a really good version!

It’s important that the bridal look you choose enhances your features, not masks them. That’s why it’s important to me that at the consultation point of your booking we really have a good chance to discuss not only what you like, but also what you don’t like. It’s just as important for me to know what to avoid or alter for you, as it is for me to know what we’re working towards.

If you’d like to have a chat in more detail about the vision you have for your wedding hair and make up then don’t hesitate to get in touch – I look forward to hearing from you !

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Elouise at The Gardens, Yalding

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Elouise at The Gardens, Yalding

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Elouise at The Gardens, Yalding

The Gardens at Yalding is a great choice for couples wanting an outdoor space with the wow factor. Full of colour and nature, even with the possibility of a teepee, it’s easy to see why this venue is becoming a really popular choice with couples looking for a relaxed day that they can make their own. As well as being a truly stunning setting for your big day it’s also totally customisable to meet with your personal needs, allowing you to create the exact ‘vibe’ that you want for your wedding.

Back in September of 2018 I visited The Gardens to provide wedding make up and hair for Elouise. Now it’s no secret that I LOVE styling red hair so this romantic twisted updo was the perfect match for me! Elouise was so unique in her personal style and I loved being given the opportunity to create her very own unique wedding look for her. From the bold eye make up to the individual way in which she wore her hair accessories, I had no doubt that Elouise likes to do things a little differently so I wasn’t surprised when these images dropped into my inbox and I couldn’t help but giggle!

I defy anyone to be able to look at Elouise’s pictures and not smile! Not only was this possibly one of the most colourful and beautifully decorated weddings I have ever seen, but her groom was possibly one of THE coolest guys on the planet! I mean, how many people do you know who marry a power ranger!?

Full name: Eloise Wickens
Wedding Date: 10th September 2018
Venue: The Gardens
Photographer: GayleJames

My wedding style was….

Full of colour and relaxed

My wedding hair was…..

Romantic, curly updo with a bit of Sparkle!

My wedding make up was….

Fresh and natural

The thing I love most about mew wedding day was….

Having all our loved ones together – Everyone laughed and smiled all day!

My venue was perfect because…..

It was a combination of our personalities – fun, colourful, untraditional, romantic and unexpected

My favourite photo was….

I have 2… One of Aaron and I at the table after signing the register, we both have huge smiles and me with my power ranger! 😂

I chose Katie because …..

One of my friends (Fiona Line) recommended Katie, plus Katie’s work sells itself! Her work is beautiful ❤️

If I could give other brides one piece of advice it would be…. 

Don’t worry about the minute details,  have the day that YOU and your hubby/wife want, and remember to breathe and take it all in!

Thank you so much Elouise for sharing your fabulous ay with me, and thank you for sending me the power ranger pictures – it’s quite possibly one of my favourite wedding photos ever!

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Kate at All Saints Church, West Dulwich

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Kate at All Saints Church, West Dulwich

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Kate at All Saints Church, West Dulwich

I’ve known Kate a long time, infact we used to get the same bus to school together from the age of 12 so it was really exciting to be asked to help her get ready for her wedding day! I love to hear all of the stories about how my brides and grooms met and Kate found the man of her dreams thousands of miles away in Australia….

Cameron and I met in a pub in rural South Australia in 2011. I was travelling there and he had a trip to London booked, we kept in touch, did LOTS of backwards and forwards between our homes and in 2014 I emigrated to Australia. We were engaged two years later.

Full name:  Katie England (Curling)
Wedding Date: 15th July 2017
Venue: All Saints Church and Dulwich College, West Dulwich
Photographer: Graham Scott

My wedding style was….

laid back with some fancy elements. 

My wedding hair was…..

A relaxed up-do, mainly to show the back of the dress! I’m not really a fan of having my hair up but at the same time, it’s very fine so I didn’t want something down going limp!! It honestly looked beautiful, very very secure but didn’t look caked in product at all! I felt so confident and had so many compliments!

My wedding make up was….

The best version of me! A slightly smokey eye and a little colour on the lip. It was so light to wear but stayed and I felt so beautiful!

My dress was…

“Nashville” by Jenny Peckham. It was divine! I was quite open to trying lots of styles but this ended up being the first and only place I visited, and the second dress I tried! I knew it was the one and the girls there were so helpful both on the trial day and communicating with me from Australia.

My shoes…

“Chiara” by Sophia Webster, I loved them! Wore them the whole day, the next day for the recovery and then our party back here!

The thing I love most about my wedding day was….

Seeing our worlds colliding, 30 of our friends and Cameron’s family travelled to London for the day, some had never left the country before! Having them all in one place and interacting like they’d known each other for years was so special. Obviously marrying Cameron was good too!

My venue was perfect because…..

Its’ a stunning church  and it’s also where my parents and sister were married, so we have a long family connection.

My favourite photo was….

Can I choose two?! Firstly, just the ones of us making our vows, crying and laughing all at the same time!
The second would be one of our friend in the church, holding his phone up as he was streaming it back to our friends in Australia who couldn’t make it and were having a ‘Wedding Dinner Party’!

I chose Katie because, having known her from school and following her progress on Facebook and Instagram, I knew I wanted someone who I could trust and be able to easily communicate with from the other side of the world. She made everything in those early stages very easy and was the obvious choice. The trial, the day, nothing was stressful…I just had total faith in her abilities and it was all so fun!

If I could give other brides one piece of advice it would be…. Things work out! And anything that doesn’t, you won’t notice or will laugh about! Anyone there to judge your day, shouldn’t be there!

These beautiful pictures are from the lovely Graham Scott Photography ( thanks graham! ) and thank you so much Kate for sharing your wonderful day!