Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Jenny at The Old Kent Barn, Kent

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Jenny at The Old Kent Barn, Kent

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Jenny at The Old Kent Barn, Kent

Bride: Jenny
Venue: The Old Kent Barn, Kent
Photographer: David Fenwick

As a preferred supplier at The Old Kent Barn, I’m lucky enough to visit regularly in order to get brides ready for their big day. The dressing room is a large private area that the bridal party have to themselves for the duration of the morning and it’s the perfect space to spend your last few hours as a ‘Miss’ . When I met Jenny I just knew that her wedding morning was going to be great fun. She was bubbly, friendly and just so excited! It was a real pleasure to be part of such a memorable morning with her bridal crew and definitely one of those days that certainly doesn’t feel anything like work!

As you can see from the pictures, Jenny wasn’t one to take herself too seriously….! I love that her laughing and genuine delight is totally visible within her images and whenever I look at these photos I can still hear Jenny’s infectious giggle!

Jenny’s make up was bridal glam. We added lashes for a more dramatic eye effect and gave her full coverage, flawless skin using airbrush make up. The pink tones we added to her cheeks and lip gave a fresh looking, typically ‘bridal’ glow and liquid highlighter made sure that her skin subtly highlighted yet illuminated.

Jenny went for a high bun, twisted up do. I created this look using a series of ponytails to secure the style and curling the hair in various directions. I then placed the curls across the crown section and added a tiara to finish. When choosing an up do for your wedding hair, the correct balance is a really important aspect. You want the style to be the right shape so that the style remains flattering no matter what angle you are photographed from. I kept the hair full of volume to ensure that the style didn’t appear harsh or tight, using a wax spray to add shine and secure the folds as I went along.
For Jenny this style perfectly suited her face shape and frame, and her long side parted fringe sweeping around her face gave us an extra bit of softness to the finished look too.

Thank you to David Fenwick for these lovely images of such a happy bride and a big thank you to Jenny for choosing me as a part of her wedding morning

4 Surprising Reasons to book a professional for your wedding hair and make up

4 Surprising Reasons to book a professional for your wedding hair and make up

4 Surprising Reasons to book a professional for your wedding hair and make up

Ok, so most brides know the basics when it comes  to what they’re looking for with their wedding hair and make up artist. Maybe you’re after someone who offer airbrush make up ( me! )  , or someone who can create a fabulous waterfall braid ( also me! ) . However,  there are a few important things that you might not have yet considered ….

1. Allergies and hygiene.

A professional will use a selection of professional and trusted products. They know how to care for them and clean them. They know how to ensure that something will last all day, that it wont aggravate your skin and they know the correct way to work with your personal skin type and texture. Always be sure to make your artist aware of any allergies you have before the application process begins. That way they will know what products to avoid and what products to suggest and substitute if needed.

2. It’s their reputation , and they are not going to take that lightly!

Most artists have spent thousands of pounds and taken years to perfect their art. They want their work to be exceptional. They want you to look amazing and they want people to know that they created that! You don’t want to look ‘ok’ on your wedding day, you want to look incredible. You want your look to last and your artist wants you to be so pleased that you go on and recommend them to your friends and family without hesitation.

3. They know how to deal with the situation.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Timings may change, things might happen outside of your control, but a professional will be able to take that in their stride and deal with it. You don’t want someone who is going to get flustered and anxious, you want someone who is confident and makes you feel comfortable. They know what they are doing, they have experience and even if you might find yourself in a situation you hadn’t anticipated , a true professional will be able to remain calm and deal with it.

4. They can work alongside other professionals.

Chances are that this isn’t the first wedding your hair and make up artist has had the honour of participating in. As time goes on you learn the expectations of other suppliers as well as your own. Maybe the photographer wants to get some prep shots of you getting your liner applied, or the wedding co ordinator wants to take you to see the room dressed before your guests start to arrive. Most of these things we can anticipate and even suggest to ensure that you are getting as much out of your morning as possible. Often, your hair and make up artist might even find that they know your photographer or are familiar working at your particular venue.

Everyone wants to ensure that they play their part in making sure you have the most amazing wedding morning. If you think you might like me to join you in making yours one to remember then please do get in touch.  I only work with one wedding per day so once your booking is confirmed you can rest assured that I’ll be with you until the moment you head off down the aisle!

When should I colour my hair before my wedding?

When should I colour my hair before my wedding?

When should I colour my hair before my wedding?

A lot of brides worry about when to time their final hair appointment in order for their hair to look its very best on the big day. You don’t want to leave it long enough that you allow any regrowth, but you don’t want to have it done the night before just incase you’re left with any scalp staining  from your chosen colour – especially if it’s a dark one!( we’ve all been there!)

I advise my brides that the week before the wedding is the perfect time to have your colour re done as it allows you to ensure its exactly how you want it , and if for some reason its not then there is plenty of time to make any alterations. Not only this but also, it means that you’ve had the chance to wash it to ensure all the excess colour has left your hair and you’re not left with any colour staining – especially around your hair line area.

I’d always recommend you visit a professional to get your colour services, you certainly don’t want to be worrying about a patchy colour on your wedding day! A good colourist will be able to advise you as to what works well with your own skin tones and they will use professional products that suit your hair type to give you the long lasting colour that you’re after! Be sure to book it in though, I’ve heard horror stories about people having to go elsewhere when their favourite stylist is unavailable and that’s a pre wedding stress you most certainly don’t need !

Changing Your Hair Colour Before The Wedding Day

Some brides ask me about changing their hair colour in a drastic way before the wedding day, for example going from blonde to brown or even vice versa! The important thing to remember is that the same style can look totally different when it’s on different colour hair. You might decide that it doesn’t show off the detail in the same way or that your chosen accessory doesn’t stand out in the same way when your hair is a different colour. Maybe you’ve been the same colour for years and fancy a change? My advice would be to make any colour changes in plenty of time before the wedding, and by this I mean months not weeks!  Even the slightest change to colour and tone can make the biggest difference to your look. Drastic colour changes may even require you to change your entire make up collection too so its something that you need to give some serious thought to. Although you might like the idea of the ‘shock factor’ as you walk down the aisle with a completely different hair colour than your partner saw you with three days ago, not only will it take them some time to get used to – but you too! As much as you think you might like it, and as much as it looks good on someone else , is the week before your wedding really the time you want to risk it!?

What Wedding Hair Style Will Suit My Wedding Dress?

What Wedding Hair Style Will Suit My Wedding Dress?

What wedding hair style will suit my wedding dress?

A common concern I hear from my brides is that they’re not quite sure what type of wedding hair style to choose to compliment their dress

A preview session with me is an ideal time to show me pictures of your wedding dress so I can get an idea of the overall look and style of your wedding day. Not only do I love to see what each bride has chosen but it also really helps when we’re putting together your hair and makeup look.

By seeing your dress I am able to see what ‘type’ of bride you are wanting to be. Anything and everything from a show-stopping princess gown to a classic lace fitted fishtail…everyone is different. Some people might wear the same style of dress and wear it in such a way that it’s completely opposite to the way someone else has done it.


It’s important that the hair and the dress work together. You want everything to be able to come together perfectly and be a real reflection of the entire theme of your wedding day. If you’re going for lace, romantic and boho – then a tight, slick style probably wont be your first choice. Instead, we might create something more delicate and detailed that lends itself to the effortless, natural look you’re striving for.


One important thing to take into consideration about your dress in regards to your hair is the neckline. A high neckline might be better suited to a higher upstyle, giving the illusion of a longer neck and elegance, whilst a structured dress that falls away at the back might compliment long flowing curls and movement.


I always ask my brides to come along to their preview session armed with photos of styles they have seen that they like. You don’t need to know why you like them, they don’t need to be of someone with similar colour hair to yours – as long as you are drawn to them because they resemble what being a ‘bride’ means to you then have them prepared! You’d be surprised at what conclusions we can come to from having a consultation session about your likes and dislikes! If you have a favourite lipstick, bring that too – even a favourite photo of yourself on a night out where you think you look good- I want to see it all!


I also ask brides to bring along any accessories that they have already purchased that they plan on wearing. Don’t worry if you don’t have any yet – it’s not essential, and some people like to decide on the style first and then work around that. Some brides even have something special, maybe some type of material or heirloom that they want to incorporate into their finished look and that’s fine too.  If you can imagine it, then we can create it! If you do have something specific then by having it available to us at the time of your preview session it means that we can be sure to style your hair in a way that incorporates whatever it is we’re adding. It’s important that we make it look like a part of the style, rather than just something that’s been added last minute as an afterthought.

So if you’re after some inspiration and you’d like to take a look at how some of my other brides  have chosen to wear their wedding hair on their big day then head over to my galleries page and take a look.

Your Wedding Hair and Make Up Checklist

Your Wedding Hair and Make Up Checklist

Your Wedding Hair and Make Up Checklist

If you’re planning your wedding then you’re probably familiar, or perhaps even following, some information you’ve found about when to do what when it comes to your wedding… but what about when it comes to your wedding hair and make up?

Like so many brides, the way you look is almost certainly going to be one of your biggest concerns and it’s important that your wedding hair and make up is exactly what you want.

I’ve outlined an ideal timeline for your below. If you’re not following it exactly then please don’t panic – it certainly doesnt mean that it won’t all still go to plan, but if you are in need of a bit of guidance then this should help!

And of course don’t forget that if you want to speak to me about your wedding day then just get in touch. I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have and if you still haven’t booked and secured your wedding hair and make up artist then make sure you don’t leave it too late!

You’ve booked your venue…

Your date is confirmed, then its time to book your hair and make up artist! So many people are left disappointed when they try to book hair and make up services a few months before their big day, and so many people tell me that they never realised how important it was to secure the artist of their choice!  I get booked up to two years in advance, don’t be fooled into thinking you need to know exactly what style or look you want to go for – you don’t, and we have plenty of time to figure that out.  But it is important that you confirm and hold your date. I only book one bride per day so once it’s gone it’s gone!

12 months to go

If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram and facebook. You’ll be able to see first hand what kind of styles and looks my current brides are going for and it might even give you some ideas as to what you like or want. No two styles are exactly the same, each and every bride is unique so it’s important that you look at a variety of options before you start to think about what’s possible. Keep up to date with my social media and blog and get inspired!

If you don’t have a skin care regime then it’s time to get one! It doesn’t have to cost the earth and there are some great an inexpensive products from brands such at The Ordinary so be sure to check them out. . Something as simple as remembering to remove your make up with a cleanser each night and being sure to moisturise every day will make the world of difference.  The key to good make up is good skin.

Have a good hair cut. Get rid of all those dead ends. There’s still time for it to grow a little so don’t panic about length. There’s no point having really long hair if the last five inches is broken and damaged. A good cut will make it look and feel so much better.

6 months to go

Decide on your hair colour. If you’ve changed your hair for the wedding, or even if you’re just maintaining an existing colour , now is the time to start thinking about your colour appointment timeline. Ideally you want your colour to be fresh for the big day so I’d recommend trying to line up your appointments so your final pre wedding hair cut and colour is the week before the wedding day itself.

Stick with the skincare. Be kind to your skin. Drink water, sleep plenty – and keep removing that make up!

Book in your trial/preview session. Dates get booked up in advance. Some brides like to try and schedule this session for the same day as a dress fitting where possible, so they get to see everything ‘come together’. If you have a specific date in mind then let me know, otherwise you can give me your top three and I’ll do my best to accommodate. These sessions are first come, first served. You can book a session any day Monday – Friday, and don’t forget I offer limited evening appointments too.

3 months to go

By this point you’re thinking about your preview session which is probably happening over the next few weeks. Take a look at the preview session pack available on my site for some useful advice. Preparing for your preview session pack and start to think about what type of things you like, and just as importantly – what you don’t. This makes a great starting point for the both of us and it can make you think openly about how you want to look. Do you have any accessories that you want to incorporate? Will they be ready and available for us to try at this session for you?

1 month to go

This month you’ll receive your final invoice from me. Like most suppliers, I take payment 30 days before the wedding day itself.  At this point I’ll also want to check ( again! ) that all the details I have for the wedding morning are correct. Ill confirm timings, contact details etc.  If anything changes then be sure to let me know as soon as possible so I can update my details.

The week before the wedding

The wedding day is almost here! You’ll hear lot of things this week along the lines of ‘I cant believe its gone so quick’ and you might even feel like ‘I just cant wait for this to be over!’  but try not to get too stressed – everything always falls perfectly into place I promise!

You’ve had your last hair cut and colour by this point so be sure to keep your hair in top condition by using a heat spray when using heated tongs and straighteners etc . If you’re thinking about having your first ever facial then now is not the time.  The point of a facial is to ‘clear out’ your skin, releasing any toxins etc , and many ladies can find that it brings them out in spots as it draws all the impurities to the surface. Lots of brides make this mistake and then panic as their skin changes, save it until after the wedding – maybe treat yourself to one on honeymoon!

The night before the wedding

Wash your hair, dry it and then leave it in its natural state.  Unless we’ve agreed otherwise then this is the best condition for me to style your hair. Remove any make up and clean your face thoroughly before bed. In the morning follow your usual skin care routine to the point of moisturiser and upon arrival I will do the rest. I’ll apply any necessary primers and potions to ensure that your make up glides on perfectly. And most importantly – TRY to get a decent night sleep! …….. I’ll see you in the morning!!!