Why ‘dirty’ hair is a no go!

Why ‘dirty’ hair is a no go!

Why 'dirty' hair on your wedding day is a no-go!

2018 May Jessica Toby

HHair f Maybe you’ve heard it said, or maybe ‘a hairdresser’ once told you, that it’s better for your hair to be ‘dirty’ to hold a hair style….


One of THE most important things when it comes to your wedding day hair, and even in preparation for your wedding hair preview session is that your hair is clean. 

Define ‘clean’

Clean hair doesn’t have to mean hair that has just been washed. Many brides like to wash their hair the night before their wedding day and that’s absolutley fine, providing you don’t add in any products ( unless you’ve been asked by your wedding hair stylist to do so) and your hair hasn’t got super greasy, oily or sweaty overnight.

Wedding morning hair washing

One of my most asked questions from brides is ‘Can I wash my hair on the morning of my wedding?’. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to do that, maybe for you it’s the ‘norm’ to wash your hair every morning, or maybe you simply wont feel ‘clean’ without doing it. You can absolutely wash your hair on the morning of your wedding, just make sure ( unless we have pre arranged blo dry services ) that it’s also dry and ready to be styled by the time I arrive 

If you leave your hair ‘dirty’

Hair that hasn’t been washed for a few days will have produced natural oils. For some people this might not even make much of a noticeable difference but for others it can be an absolute deal breaker. If your hair is weighted down with oils then it will give the impression that it looks ‘greasy’. This will make it harder to style and your own hair oils may not work in harmony with the products I apply. This can result in your hair looking sectioned or even wet, and can darken colour, change tone and even prevent lift and curling.


If you are in any doubt about how best to prepare for your hair session then please do just ask! You’ll find helpful advice on my blog, or even over on my Instagram page.  If you want me to answer a particular question then drop me a DM and i’ll be more than happy to let you know what you need in order to ensure your wedding hair style is a success! 


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Why ‘dirty’ hair is a no go!

5 things to ask your Wedding Hair Stylist

5 things to ask your wedding hair stylist

So you’re looking at countless instagram pages , searching for the perfect person to create your perfect wedding hair for you. Now you’ve found someone you like – what next? What do you ask them? How do you decide? Well, let me help! I’ve created this post to help you with 5 key questions that you can ask your wedding hair stylist to make sure that they’re the right person for you.

1. Availability 

I have lost count of the number of times that I’ve engaged with excited brides to be about how they want their wedding hair to look only to later have to tell them that their date isn’t available. Trust me this is just as upsetting for me as it is for you! If you find someone you think you like then the first question you ask should be ‘ Are you available for my date?’

2. Are these your own styles?

This is really important. When you visit my Instagram pages or my website all the work you see is my own. Wedding hair styles I have personally created. However, that isn’t always the case. Some stylists will use other peoples pictures and post them as ‘inspiration’, to capture brides attention. Some stylists will mention this in their instagram captions, something perhaps like ‘style inspired by x’) but some won’t. It’s fine to get inspiration from other artists but as a bride you need to know that the hair stylist you want for your wedding is personally able to create the type of style you like.

3. How can I best prepare?

Every stylist will want something slightly different. I provide my brides with advice on what I expect when it comes to being wedding hair ready on their big day. This includes clean, dry hair and having a space available for me to set up and work from with an electric socket.

4. Do you have any suggestions?

Don’t be afraid to ask. I love it when brides trust me enough to take on board the advice I can give them to enhance their wedding hair styles. Simple things like moving your partin or changing direction of your curl to give a different effect can make a huge difference when it comes to styling. Ask away! Years of experience and hundreds of hair styles mean that sometimes I can give you a few pointes on things that will really make sure that youre wedding hair look is exactly as you imagined.

5. What do you need from me?

Everyones booking process is different. The majority of suppliers, myself included, will not hold or reserve a date without a commitment, and that commitment comes in the form of an initial payment. This might be a set fee or a percentage of your total quote but either way if youve found the supplier you want to work with then make sure to reserve their services for your big day. If you’re not sure – just ask!


Hope that’s helpful! 


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Perfect Wedding Hairstyles – A guide to hair prep

Perfect Wedding Hairstyles – A guide to hair prep

A Guide for Optimizing Hair Preparation for Perfect Wedding Hairstyles

A Guide for Optimizing Hair Preparation for Perfect Wedding Hairstyles

It’s important that your hair is in the best possible condition for your wedding day. Regardless of what style you choose you want your hair to feel healthy and look exatly how you want it to. So many brides comment that they’ve never seen their hair look quite as good it does on their wedding day and in order to ensure you feel exactly that , there are some things that you can do in prepareation for your wedding hair to help me along the way…

Hair cut

Especially if you’re wearing your hair down. Uneven, fine or thinning ends won’t you’re your style. Make sure your hair is trimmed before your oreview session so you can get a true reflection of length and look of your chosen wedding day hair style.

Hair colour

Your hair style will look totally different depending on your hair colour. The same style on a blonde and a brunette can look like two totally different styles. Even something as simple as topping up your root colour or making sure your highlghts are fresh when you come for your hair preview session can make a difference to how you view your chosen style. Colour placement is important too. If you only ever have half a head of highlights and you choose a half up wedding hair style then chances are the top half of your style will look a different colour to the bottom.

Hair health

Cutting your hair regularl is really important for hair health but if your hair is feeling a little dry or damaged then it’s a really good idea to have some hair treatments in the run up to the wedding day. Even something as simple as a leave in conditioner can make a big difference to the texture of your hair. If you use heat on your hair every day , make sure youre using a heat defence spray to protect it too.

Before you have your wedding hair preview session

It’s imortant that you arrive to your preview session with clean, dry hair. This allows me to see your hair in it’s natural state. I can then make an informed decision about what products to use to achieve the look and stle you want. Hair that is dirty won’t style well and too much natural oil can make a style too flat and limp ( No greasy hair please! ) .  Hair that has been ironed straight is really hard to then manipulate into a curl ( and vice versa ) so it’s best to wash your hair the day before your session if possible and once dry just leave it to do it’s own thing! Avoid using too much conditioner and only apply to your mid lengths and ends .

If you’ve booked a preview session with me then you’ll receive an email with all of the information you need about how best to prepare in order to get the most out of your appointment but if you do have any questions then please do reach out. It’s my job to help design the wedding hair of your dreams and I take great pride in doing just that! Anything is possible, whatever your style and whatever wedding day hair style you have your heart set on – we can make it happen!

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Is My Hair Length is Perfect for Beautiful Wedding Hair?

Is My Hair Length is Perfect for Beautiful Wedding Hair?

Is My Hair Length is Perfect for Beautiful Wedding Hair?

Discover if Your Hair Length is Perfect for Beautiful Wedding Hair

A common question I hear from my brides-to-be is, “Is my hair long enough to style for wedding hair?” It’s a valid concern as wedding hair can be intricate and require a certain length to achieve the desired look. So many of the pinterest styles you see online are modelled on log hair or even hair extensions. A couple of key factors that determine whether your hair is long enough for wedding hair styling  that might be worth considering for your wedding day hair are:

Hair Length Requirements for Wedding Hair

The length of your hair will play a significant role in what styles are available to you. However, it’s not just about the overall length of your hair. Other factors such as hair texture, density, and volume also come into play. Generally, hair that is at least shoulder-length is sufficient for most wedding hairstyles. If your hair is shorter than shoulder length, you may still be able to achieve a beautiful wedding hair look with the help of hair extensions. So many brides wear hair extensions on their wedding day and yet you’d never know because they are colour matched and blended so seemlessly with their chosen style.

If you have fine or thin hair, you might want to consider adding extensions to create the volume necessary for certain hairstyles. On the other hand, if you have thick and heavy hair, you may need to have some of the weight removed to achieve a more manageable style. This can be done by sectioning the hair in a certain way so that some of the hair can be hidden from view.

I always ask my brides to come to their preview session with images of their dream wedding hair style. If their own hair length, thickness and even colour wasn’t taken into consideration – what would they pick as their dream wedding hair goal. This often gives me a clue as to what my brides really want, and allows us to figure out how we can get them to exactly where they want to be, despite what they think might be possible with the hair they have.

It’s perfectly realistic that someone with shorter hair can have long tumbling curls, but it’s important that people understand what that will involve. Hair extensions will include an additional cost, plus additional time. Clip in hair is easily removed for one wedding day wear but anything more permanent such as tape extensions or bonded extensions will also mean additional cost and maintenance, something that it’s important to consider before making any kind of commitment.

I offer a free colour match service to all of my brides, meaning that if they choose to wear added clip in hair for their wedding day then I can colour match them to ensure that the colour of the hair they wear is an exact match to their own. I only use 100% human hair meaning that it can be heat styled just as if it were their own, meaning that the style – whatever they may choose- loks 100% natural. So many people won’t even notice or realise that the bride is wearing extensions at all!

If you’re interested in chatting more about how we can create your dream wedding hair then get in touch. You can also find tons of inspiration over on my instagram page …(  and I bet you can’t spot the brides who are wearing extensions! )

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Perfecting Your Wedding Look with Lashes

Perfecting Your Wedding Look with Lashes

Perfecting Your Wedding Look with Lashes

Perfecting Your Wedding Look with Lashes

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to look your best from head to toe. One of the best ways to enhance your natural beauty and add that extra sparkle to your eyes is by wearing false lashes. I always recommend brides to consider wearing lashes of some sort on their wedding day. Lashes can enhance your natural beauty and add a touch of glamour to your overall look. They can really enhance your eyes and open them up in the photographs too.

If you’re considering lashes then I’ve put together a few points you might want to consider, these are the benefits of wearing lashes and some tips on how to choose the right lashes for your big day.

First and foremost, lashes can make your eyes look bigger and brighter. They can also make your eye color pop and enhance your eye shape. This is particularly important for wedding photos, where your eyes will be a prominent feature. Lashes can help to create a beautiful and alluring gaze that will capture the attention of everyone in the room.

Another benefit of wearing lashes on your wedding day is that they can make you look more youthful and fresh-faced. As we age, our lashes tend to become thinner and less voluminous. By wearing lashes, you can create the illusion of fuller and more youthful-looking lashes,  this can make your eyes appear more open and draw attention to them – especially if they are one of your favorite features.

When choosing lashes for your wedding day, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the style of your dress and the overall theme of your wedding. If you are going for a bohemian, natural look, you may want to opt for more natural-looking lashes. On the other hand, if you are going for a glamorous and dramatic look, you may want to choose more voluminous and bold lashes.

It is also important to consider the shape of your eyes when choosing lashes. If you have round eyes, you may want to opt for lashes that are more elongated and tapered at the ends. If you have almond-shaped eyes, you may want to choose lashes that are more voluminous in the middle to create a more dramatic look.

At the preview session with my brides, I will select lashes that I feel best suit their eye shape and design. I include strip lashes in all of my makeup services meaning that you don’t need to worry about choosing or sourcing your own. Over the past 10 years working with brides I have come to find both lashes and even glue products that I know not only look great but last the duration of the wedding day too. It’s important that any lashes you consider using for your bridal look are comfortable, good quality, and blend seamlessly with your own lashes so they look as natural as possible.

So even if you’ve never worn lashes before –  don’t be afraid to give them a try!  At your preview session, I can walk you through all the options available so we can make the right decision for you. If that means lashes then great, but if you’re more comfortable without then that’s fine too! Just because you’re a bride doesn’t mean you have to step outside your comfort zone. If you know you’re not comfortable with something then you don’t need to do it just because it’s your wedding day. The key is to make you look and feel like the very best version of yourself – whatever that might entail!